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Is anybody listening: Natalie Patterson x My Peoples TV

Watch as Natalie performs this poem for the first time ever! Watch the full episode HERE

I Promise: Natalie Patterson x SoulPancake


Oh, To Be Grateful: Natalie Patterson X SoulPancake

Wake up call: Natalie Patterson X Sephora University 

Sephora University Presents:
Natalie Patterson's "Wake Up Call"

Watch it now, then click HERE to see some exclusive behind the scenes.



Welcome to, the digital home of Natalie Patterson – a Los Angeles based poet, teaching artist and artrepreneur dedicated to changing the world one poem at a time. Natalie starred in the web series “That’s What She Said” produced by SoulPancake and Darling Magazine with nearly 1 million views on youtube. Natalie's newest project was a collaboration with Sephora, resulting in the video “Wake Up Call” produced by Sephora University.

Collections for Purchase

Feel free to explore Natalie’s work on the site. If you like what you see and want a copy for yourself you can purchase her work in a variety of formats, including digital audio recordings and digital ebooks.

Workshops & Events

Natalie also offers a vulnerability and integrity workshop for those in the LA area. For those outside of LA, Natalie offers online classes monthly. You may also book Natalie for speaking engagement, performances or appearances.