I Was Date Raped

Originally posted to FB on May 23, 2015

Exactly 12 years ago today I was date raped, in the backseat of a car by a person I thought I was safe with because he was a member of my then community. I never pressed charged because I didn't feel my community would have supported me. I felt I would have been victim shamed, I did not feel I had allies. I waited several months before telling anyone it even happened. To this day I have only told a handful of people the whole story. I have written poems which highlight the most of it but it is rare to get an opportunity to share fully. 

Tonight, I shared my experience and poems at a "Take Back The Night" event hosted by Caltech. I love how life brings me full circle. 

All these years later, I am a member of many communities, all of which take a stand on big issues and make it clear what is acceptable. I know I am safe to share my story knowing I will be listened to, I will be supported and the validity of my experience never questioned. 

We must do a better job at educating ourselves and our children. We must be bold in talking about and naming our pain. We must or we won't heal. 

For anyone going through any kind of abuse and is in needs of help, please know I will always help you. I have resources and contact with amazing people who can help. You are not alone. 

I ask YOU, FB friend, to consider how you might become an ally. How might you stand for the often voiceless victims of abuse? Where is your privilege and will you use it for those without it? 

Thank you for reading this, for supporting me and for being an ally.

*For support and or information: rapetreatmentcenter.org or call 424.259.6000 open 24/7 and for assistance in your area call RAINN is a national victim assistance organization, at 1-800-656-HOPE. RAINN will connect you to a rape crisis center in your area.