To be heard.

Today is the first of 21 days that I will meditate. My mother did a 10-day silent meditation retreat, twice. She is across the world right now. I want to call her and tell her about the magic that is my life. I tell her everything but not tonight, so I will tell you.  

I have just arrived home. I am drinking black tea. It is 10:50pm. I am arriving home from dinner with my friend Matt, who I have known for more than half my life. We have no reason to still be friends. Not much in common on the surface but we have good hearts. I have watched him become a man. He has watched me become this woman. We shared a lovely meal and after it was over we sat for over an hour talking. He poured such kind words into me. Words I did not know I needed to hear. He told me he can't wait until the world gets to bathe in the waters of my gifts. He thinks I'm special. He looks at me with a clarity all people who love you should. He told me he will always root for me and will always be there should I need anything.  I must tell you, that is the greatest gift. Friendship sustains me.  I have been lonely lately. So busy working and creating that at the end of the day I have forgotten to plan how I will spend my free time. When my day settles, I find myself alone and lonely wishing I had planned better but knowing I didn't actually have the energy to.  Another friend, Krystal, called me earlier. She too shared wonderful words of friendship with me. I don't know what part of me asked for this pouring of love but I am so thankful to be heard. 

In the deepest parts of yourself, what are you asking for?