My Big Story with Christopher Swan


I got an email from my friend Shandy asking if she could put me in touch with her friend Christopher who has a podcast. I said yes. Christopher sent me the most delightful email, we chatted on the phone and a few weeks later, he came to LA to interview me.  During our time together I learned just how incredibly detailed, thoughtful and organized Christopher is. He is adorable and kind, smart and always asks the right question. We had a blast recording for his podcast. Enjoy the nuggets of goodness below.  

More about the show: Christopher Swan speaks with amazing people that are living a life of intention, creating a life they love, and helping us learn from their big stories. Through these interviews and stories, he uncovers their passions, purpose, advice and so much more. These are intimate, friendly, and thought-provoking conversations. The stories shared are as diverse as the guests, including Hollywood entertainers to social good advocates to small business owners to artists to corporate and nonprofits leaders, to anyone with a big, intentional story.


This week, I have such a smart and interesting conversation with poet and teaching artist, Natalie Patterson. Natalie is also the president of the nonprofit, Sister Support, an organization committed to the advancement of women through community, connection, and sisterhood.

Natalie is well known for her poetry, sharing it publicly since 2002 with many adventures including slam poetry, working with Da Poetry Lounge, starring in a very popular SoulPancake series, and being hired by companies like Sephora.

She speaks about important ideas and issues, like bias, including gender and ethnicity, culture, body image, empowerment — and she’s eager to help us grow, to see past our blind spots.

Something unique to Natalie, she translates her ideas and poetry into tangible action by leading the nonprofit Sister Support, with programs to empower women and change narratives, and recently an opportunity to help Syrian Refugees.

This interview is definitely more of a conversation. Not only do we understand more about Natalie’s story, we learn a lot of what guides her and informs how she shows up, in her work and as a person. I kind of think of our conversation as gaining new perspectives, and why change, advocates, and poetry are needed.


Key Takeaways

[2:26] Poetry can offer a chance to slow down and sink into a moment.
[8:03] Natalie’s poetry has taught her about herself and also helps her to connect with humanity.
[9:47] How Natalie uncovers the mystery behind the every day and turned it into an art.
[11:13] What are some of the more important topics for Natalie?
[14:54] Why Natalie would like to partner with more people who are willing to put money behind the deeper, hidden issues.
[17:47] What made Natalie realize she had ideas that she should share out loud, and how she grew into self-acceptance and learned to share her voice.
[24:30] How to curate an experience rather than being the star of the moment.
[26:02] What it means to come full circle and learn from the experience.
[32:35] Natalie talks about how she got started with Sister Support.
[36:49] How running a nonprofit is Natalie’s poetry manifested in physical form.
[38:56] Not compromising and trusting your instinct.
[42:44] What holds Natalie back?
[49:26] What inspires Natalie to look for the silver lining?
[52:57] What’s next for Natalie?
[59:36] How to follow along with Natalie.
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“We all start from somewhere.”

“It’s not that I want to be amazing. I want what I’m doing to be amazing for the people that are participating…”

“It’s about being aware; being in the moment of ourselves.”

“I think the thing that we are the best at, that we would do for free, is the thing we should do for a living.” -@natalieispoetry

“When it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.” -@natalieispoetry

“If I start saying, ‘I get to do this…’ everything seems like a gift.“ -@natalieispoetry