Farewell President Obama (a letter of love)

Dear President Obama,

You will always be my favorite president. You inspired me 8+ years ago and still do today. I remember standing skeptically in a crowded high school hallway in Nevada, listening to you speak in 2007. I remember how your words won me over. How your energy changed the room, that your wife spoke of you, not like a title but like her husband she believed in.  I will never forget that you said "I will wake up every day thinking about ways to make your live better" and I believed you. So I voted for you, I stood by you. 

You are the dream and prayer of so many no longer with us. You are the leader I do not always agree with but respect. The father who reminds us that children and the future matter. The husband that reminds us that teamwork, makes the dream work. That sometimes men marry their equal and oh, what a joy it is to watch that love grow. Thank you for your service and dedication. Forever believing, because YES, WE DID! 

Natalie Patterson