Dear Allies or possible allies.

 A woman in a private group that I'm in posted the following and I thought it was perfect so I wanted to posted it on my blog as an offering. (read my personal remarks at the bottom)

Here are some things you should read and know: 

 "A woman who is a friend of a friend of mine posted the following resources. If any white people are feeling like they don't understand what's going on, or like they need to ask questions, this is really not the time to ask Black folks to help you understand. They have enough to do right now just to keep breathing and taking care of themselves and their families and friends. It isn't Black folks' job to educate us about racism. So here is stop #1 on that train:"


1. "Why do black people think everyone is out to get them?"

2. "Why do people keep calling me privileged?"

3. "Why do people keep calling me racist?"

4. "Isn't racism a thing of the past?"

5. "What's wrong with me saying 'on fleek'"?

6. "Why do black people insist on talking about race when it's not an issue?"

7. "Am I just supposed to sit around feeling guilty about something that's not my fault?"

I don't know if you have heard or not but black people are being murdered by the police at an exceptional rate. Police officers are generally murdering civilians at an alarming rate but on the heels of two men being murdered in such a blatant and horrific way, as a black woman I am hurting. Deeply, deeply hurting.  And at 32, I realize that my pain as a black woman looks like anger to you, allow me to translate: I'm hurt and afraid. If you need more evidence as to why or are somehow out of the loop, scroll down my facebook page, there are enough posts to get you up to speed.