I AM so deserving!

I'm working on a new collection of poetry. I intended to have it all done by the time I arrived back from Thailand, however something rather remarkable happened instead. The first night in Bangkok before bed I hooked up my adapter and converter to charge my phone and computer. In the morning, my phone was fully charged but my computer wouldn't turn on. The panic quickly set in. I went through the normal attempts to turn it on, then charged it with another charger and NOTHING. It was completely unresponsive. I checked the internet for suggestion and one blog said this happened to them and they left it for a few days to completely die and then plugged it in to charge and BOOM it came on. So I enjoyed the next few days and then tried again... NOTHING. For the following two weeks, I had moments of worry about having to buy a new computer when I returned home, and the personal upset from wanting to complete a collection while on vacation that was clearly not going to happen.  When I arrived home, before the anxiety of "what if" crept in, I plugged my computer in and BOOM it came on. I nearly cried and amidst the joy it occurred to me that maybe the universe was providing me the opportunity to just enjoy my vacation instead of having a working vacation. I could write anywhere, why did it have to be on my vacation? Humbled by the thought that I was trying to steal my own joy, I realized sometimes my plans are not the best plans.  I will carve out some time over the next few weeks to put this new collection together and you will be the first to know when it is ready.