The new collection, "Arrival: a return"

I'm so excited to have just finished my 6th collection of poetry "Arrival: a return." It features 16 new poems. Thematically, I explore the many aspects of what living in america right now feels like. This collection is a journey back to myself after a few years of building momentum only to realize I was still hitting walls.  I created all of these poems over the last six months so it is all very, very current.  

The way I approach the releasing of a new collection is I always want to be current and classic. I love Chapbooks, because they are of the artist. Chapbooks are classic in that that was the way artists had the most creative control of their work (read more about the history of Chapbooks HERE) but there is nothing like listening to poetry. So this collection will be released as a chapbook and come with a digital audio file to download and play. It's like having a personal read-a-long! 

The collection will be in your hot little hands in the next few weeks, but to insure that you have it first, please pre-order.  I can't wait until you have it! 

As always, thanks for your support.