National Poetry Writing Month 2016

I love April and not because it marks spring, although the sunshine is nice when it is not raining. I love April because it marks the beginning of a 30 day challenge to write poetry every single day. Today is day nine of National Poetry Writing Month. I have been trying to write every day and will continue to for the rest of the month. Each 24 hours I try to feel my way through the process of writing (which happens to be particularly emotional for me.)  After many years of participation, it is no easier. There is joy and liberation in the process but it is hard to write a poem every single day. I don't always feel like I have a complete thought. Sometimes I just don't want to write what there is to write, but I remind myself that this is a process. I remind myself to be gentle and loving, that it doesn't actually matter if I write everyday, what matters is my effort. This month is about exploration and allowing the write girl in me to purely write for pleasure, in honor of all the secrets and pain I've kept. This month isn't for anyone else. I owe this to myself.

Check back throughout the month, I will be posting writings here.