After the church shooting

I wrote a letter to my love today 
Because I don't know what it will bring
Don't know if amidst his hallelujah a bullet will find him
If his tail light is out, he might be detained 
Or beaten or murdered by the law meant to protect him

I write letters to black man that I love a lot lately 
Tell them all the things: How I will miss them 
What I love most about them 
Because you never know what tomorrow may bring

My eyes don't cry anymore 
My heart can no further be broken 
I am mourning but praying 
Praying a prayer I should not need 
Praying for safety and protection 
Praying for God to have mercy on our souls 
We so evil 
So defiant 
So disposable, it seems 
And maybe I know nothing but of love and poetry and survival
Maybe I'm a dreamer but maybe we all need be 

I hope these poems find their way into the hearts of those made of hate 
Made of rage and hopelessness 
There are no bullets that can kill the sprit 
Can't kill soul but you keep trying
Reload yet again we raise 
We so beautiful.