The 2015 Intention

Jan 2, 2015  Los Angeles

What I know for sure is that most people don't process their lives. Life happens and we keep moving, attempting to get as far away from the damage/pain/divorce/bad memories/betrayal/ loss as possible. And event after event, we become less vibrant, less ourselves. It's really subtle, but one day you wake up and out of nowhere you can't breathe, you aren't happy, the grief of not knowing how you got here is overwhelming. I have been there enough times to know that for as long as I get to live, I NEVER WANNA WAKE UP NOT KNOWING MYSELF AGAIN. My greatest hope is that you never wake up like that either. What I have learned is that sometimes this moment is the catalyst for the rest of your life unfolding. Sometimes, you have to learn to fight for the breath you once took for granted.

I developed my workshop "Re-Connecting: Vulnerability and Integrity, for selfish reasons. I wanted to live in a world with happy, honest, thriving people, and since I was witnessing a lot of the opposite, I decided to invest my time and energy into holding the space for people to unpack their lives. This is the work I'm most proud of. While poetry is my first love, it is teaching, facilitating and listening that brings me to life. I learn the most while witnessing others process.

Each month in 2015, I will be holding workshops in varying length, group discussions (online and in person), performing and working to provide myself and others the opportunity to dig deeper and grow. I invite you to participate in one way or another. Let's make 2015 count. This time next year, let's be reflecting on all that we have become and how we made the world better.

Thank you for your support and all the ways we will together make the world better.

Mine and Yours,


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