The struggle.

Since 2003, my main form of expression has been poetry.  For whatever reason it was far easier for me to share my deepest darkest thoughts with a room packed with 300 people every Tuesday night rather than share myself any other way.  That would be crazy to most people but after 10 years on stage.. it became very normal to me.  In June of 2013, I decided I needed to focus on my  art and the things I truly wanted to accomplish because it was time.  Since then I have accomplished so many things. Some of which were not even part of my plan but have been amazing.  The downside is I'm not expressing through writing my own personal stuff anymore.  I used to write a poem a week, now i'm mostly writing commissioned work.  Recently, I've found it to be quite difficult to find the best platform to share my more personal work.  So I'm dedicating 2015 to figuring that out. I hope you will stick around for the journey! 

Mine & Yours,