On the other side of truth

I have come to know myself as brave in places. In my writing, on stage, when planning my career. But when it comes to matters of
the heart... my bravery is often delayed. I sit on my truth waiting for the perfect moment and even when it comes, sometimes I still wait. That is what fear feels like to me. Mouth shut with a million words swirling in my head, skin bubbling with emotion and no one knows but me. I will put it all in a poem, I will declare my love at a show to a crowd of strangers but in the quiet lull of after dinner delight, when the moment arrives words fail me.

Yesterday, after deeply contemplating what I might say to someone I love, I took a deep breath and went for it. I said ALL THE THINGS. And I didn't die. In fact, I felt heard and understood. It is a lovely day when you can openly share your thoughts and feelings with little fear of what the other person might say.

I share this with you, to remind you to love hard and in plain sight. To say the things that scare the shit out of you because the joy on the other side of truth is gorgeous.

Yours & mine,