Utah of all places.

I'm in Eden, Utah... population maybe 1000.  Truthfully not much is going on here except Summit, but what summit has created is pretty much all you need.  I spent 3 days in what can only be describes as little house on the prairie meets burning man meets Richard Branson.  Summit is what happens when a group of people want to build a city from basically scratch.  They bought a mountain…yes, a whole freakin' mountain.  They are building roads and all the essentials, in 3-5 years it will arguably be one of the coolest cities in the world.  

I've spend the last 3 days with 150 leaders in their fields and what I took away from this weekend is simple.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The founders have worked hard to build this dream land and that is inspiring.  A wonderful reminder that it is ALL possible. I'm leaving the mountain even more inspired to continue building my brand and ideas.  I would like to see more diversity and women join in the planning of all that is ahead for Summit so I guess it's good I was there.  So much good is going on in the world. 

What awesome thing is happening around you? Who or what is something innovative going on that the world needs to know about? 


Live in love,