Trust and verify.

For maybe the last 10 or so years I have been subtly struggling with trusting people with my art.  I create these deeply personal poems and then into the world they go.  Be it a show, blog post, open mic or cd, the world gets my art.  

While visiting my friend and lovely woman Melanie at Sephora University, we were catching up.  I told her a story of a recent situation in which I felt very disrespected creatively but also professionally.  I have been very worried about seeming too bitchy, I don't want the reputation as a diva, difficult to work with, so often I silence myself and just work harder to create a large enough gap between myself and what anyone else is doing and hope that people see i'm different.  Mel said "trust and verify."  I was physically and emotionally moved because that was IT.  THAT was what I needed to hear to get me to the next level. TRUST AND VERIFY.  As i've been thinking about it more and more, it's the thing i've been needing to hear because it is fair.. balanced.  I think that is the way great things happen, in a space without fear.  I want to create my work and life from that place.  

What has someone said that changed the game for you???

live in love,